Quality standards
Quality standards
Crystal System is highly oriented on quality assurance. There are several elements that Crystal System is combining in order to deliver in time high quality projects:

1. Quality assurance starts from the academic recruitment that allows Crystal System to have access to the most appropriate future consultants.

2. Efficient training on the job inside Crystal System's structures is organized using very good conventional teacher, well prepared trainers and an eLearning platform.

3. When writing code, Crystal System's consultants are using a simple and efficient methodology which contains easy to use procedures, well defined roles, programming standards, naming conventions and software templates in order to achieve a high level of homogeneity and standardization.

4. Testing is considered a very important phase in the programming process. Crystal System's consultants are using integrated and extended test tool. No development will be delivered by Crystal System unless all test are successfully concluded.

5. The entire programming process is managed and controlled using an internal Task Manager System responsible with the exchange of information and the communication between Crystal System and its clients.

For all its projects Crystal Systems is also concerned about risk management which is a continuous process instead of a spot intervention. Inside Crystal System, risk management means identifying all possible risks in order to mitigate them. Crystal Systems monitors technical risks, process risks and internal organizational risks. Crystal Systems is using a project oriented approach meaning good understanding of the clients' needs and requests, compliance with approved budget and in time deliveries.