Academic recruitment

People are our most valuable asset; Crystal System attitude is that only by the aid of brilliant collaborators you can maximize your performances and obtain the best results, making a difference for the customer. To achieve that, we developed a unique system of recruitment and training that allows us to select and hire the most talented persons.

Training Timeline:

Our recruitment process starts from the academic world: we invest strongly in the partnership with the Computer Science Department of Romania's largest University (ASE Bucharest) and the same department of ASEM Chisinau in Moldova.

The Computer Science Department of ASE Bucharest (Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics, Computer Science and Actuarial Mathematics) represents Crystal System’s key element in having unique access to the most talented IT specialists that exist locally. The department was founded in 1965 being one of the first computer science academic initiatives in the, at that time, communist world. Currently the department has a well-established international reputation and is cooperating with top companies and organizations from the USA, Western Europe and Korea.

Crystal System is financing various educational and training activities within ASE: together with SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and SAS, Crystal created an Education Center for undergraduate students and a Master Program (SIMPRE - Information Systems for Economic Processes and Resources Management).

The collaboration with ASEM in Chisinau is more recent, but it is developed with the same drive and it benefits from the experience gained in the partnership with ASE.

Our strong collaboration with the academic world and our positioning give us the opportunity to attract, train and select most of the top level students: after the basic training inside University, about 20% of the students – the top tier – are hired and receive a further and deeper training through both class courses and the Crystal System eLearning Platform. At the end of this process Crystal can count on a big number of greatly skilled, willing and motivated new forces.

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